Deliverability Improvements in Zoho Campaigns - July 2021

Deliverability Improvements in Zoho Campaigns - July 2021

A recent Zoho Announcement of great interest to those utilizing Zoho Campaigns. With these devlopments, Zoho has in-essence funded the "cleansing and scrubbing of your email lists... thus this strategy will no-doubt have a positive impact on Zoho Campaigns performance!
Due to the inherent working of Zoho Campaigns and with the increasing reports of misuse and loss of deliverability, it is vital to keep the domain and IP reputation high which ensures that users do not misuse the services and which in turn does not affect the deliverability for the other users of our platform. Therefore, Zoho has opted to use the expertise of two third-party service providers to accomplish the effort on improving email deliverability.

We have updated the same in our Terms of Use as on June 2, 2021. They will go into effect on July 5, 2021. We have communicated the changes to all the users of Zoho Campaigns.

To help you understand the exact changes made to the Terms of Use, we have also provided you a version of the updated Terms of Use in track changes mode.

1. What are the services we have integrated with?
Zero Bounce and Validity

A quick introduction about the services

I. ZeroBounce is a secure email validation tool that helps validate email lists, monitor domain blacklisting, and remove invalid email addresses that include spam and abuse, etc.

II. Validity is an email success platform that helps you ensure the best inbox placement for emails by giving crucial insights and deliverability guidance in order to maximize engagement of your email campaigns.

2. What kind of information will be shared with these services?

ZeroBounce - Zoho Campaigns will be sharing the email addresses of users' recipients with ZeroBounce. The validation will happen in all the places where they add contacts including import, sync, single and multiple contact addition, signup forms, etc. As a result, emails will only be sent to ZeroBounce validated contacts. This helps in maintaining list hygiene and making the reputation of Zoho Campaigns' IPs and the users' domains better.

Validity - Zoho Campaigns shares users' campaign data (sender details and campaigns' content) with the Validity team. They will analyze these in detail (by sending emails to each of their yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and the like email services) and notify us if the messages are reaching the inbox or not. And, if Validity alerts us of any particular segment being blocked, we could immediately isolate the issue and resolve it. This improves the overall campaign deliverability resulting in effective email marketing results.

We have signed data protection agreement with both the third parties. We have put together a document to answer all the questions that you may have about data sharing, GDPR compliance, privacy policy, etc. Please take a look at them here.