Send Data or Email Content to a Creator Form via Email

Send Data or Email Content to a Creator Form via Email

Every form in Zoho Creator has its own email address. You can therefore just send an email to a form's email address to add a record in it.

  • This feature is not supported in the Free, Standard and Basic editions.
  • To enable your users to email form data, you need to share your form with them along with the permission to create records.

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Add form data via email using form's email template

  1. Edit your app and select the required form.
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Notification, as shown below:

  1. Navigate to the Form Setings --> General tab. The Submit form through email section displays your form's email address and email template, as shown below:

  2. Send an email as given below:
    • Set your form's email address as the "To address".
    • Copy your form's email template and paste it in the email's body. Enter appropriate values for the fields.
    • If your form has image or file upload fields, you need to attach the required files to the email and give their file names as values to the respective fields. 


  • The email's body must contain plain text. Rich text is not supported.
  • If you attach more files than the specified number of fields, only the files that are attached first will be captured, and the other files will be ignored.
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