Zoho Campaigns - New Roll-Out of TOPICS

Zoho Campaigns - New Roll-Out of TOPICS

In this latest Zoho update to CAMPAIGNS, they are revamping the relationship between a Contact, Topic, List, and an Organization. This update improves the way your Contacts can manage the email they recieve from your organization... we suggest downloading the attachment below for full understanding...

Here's how this update will impact Zoho Campaigns:
  • Topics will be maintained at the organization level.
  • Topics will no longer be associated with a list. Instead, they will be directly associated with contacts. Each contact can be associated with multiple topics.
  • We are also introducing the ability to associate an email campaign with a topic. This way, when a user sends out an email campaign to a list, only those contacts who are subscribed to the same topic as the one associated with the email campaign will receive it.
  • When a contact unsubscribes, they will be unsubscribed from all the topics in the organization.
    This is the user journey: On clicking unsubscribe, the contact will be shown a confirmation page, on which by clicking "Yes, Unsubscribe/Remove me", they will be unsubscribed from the organization. We will also have the "Manage preferences" link in the confirmation page where users can choose their preference if they do not want to unsubscribe completely.

  • An email campaign must have either the "manage preference" link or the "unsubscribe" link in it.
  • We are also introducing an option to mark a contact as "non-marketing".
    A "non-marketing" contact will not receive any email campaigns even if they are a part of lists.
    So now a contact can be:
    • A marketing contact (or)
    • A non marketing contact (or)
    • An unsubscribed contact
  • Handling permission based, consent based, and GDPR email marketing contextually, instead of asking the user to select a type upfront. More on this below.

A note on non-marketing contacts
  • Non-marketing contacts are available only for paid subscription.
  • These contacts are not counted in the subscription.
  • An organization can have a maximum of 1 million non-marketing contacts at a time.

Here is a side by side comparison of the old and the new topic management approach.

We highly recommend you check out the attachment to get a detailed breakdown of this update, how it affects other modules in the product, and how migration will be handled.

When will these updates be made live?
These updates will be made available globally by August 31, 2021.