Zoho SalesIQ - Video Tutorials

Zoho SalesIQ - Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Getting Started

Let's Get Started!

Learn how to embed the Zoho SalesIQ code for visitor tracking and live chat on your website.


Create, Edit and Delete a Website

Learn how to create, edit and delete a website in Zoho SalesIQ.


Answering Chats

Learn how to initiate a chat proactively and answer an incoming chat.

Customizing SalesIQ

Float Chat Widget

Have your live chat widget float along your screen as you scroll.


Button Chat Widget

Fix your live chat widget in any desired location you please.


Personalized Chat Widget

Let your visitors choose the operators they want to strike a conversation.


Live Chat Window

Impress your customers by customizing, setting input fields and automating responses in your live chat window.


Signature Chat

Learn how to embed the signature chat and let your email recipients start a conversation right from emails.


Signature Chat for Zoho Mail

Now embed the signature chat and let your email recipients strike a conversation right from your Zoho Mail.


Signature Chat for Gmail

Learn how to set up the signature chat for your Gmail account and let your email recipients strike a conversation from the mails you send.


Sounds Customization

Learn how to customize the sounds that play at various instances in your portal based on your preferences.


Operator Language Preference

Get to customize the language preference of your portal.


Portal Settings

Customize the configurations that are applicable throughout all the SalesIQ accounts associated with your firm.


Chat Routing

Learn how to route and filter your visitor chats to various operators.


Invoke JS API

Learn how to extensively use Invoke JS API intelligent trigger on your website.


Proactive Chat Invite

Now send chat invites to visitors on your website with the help of intelligent triggers.


Chat Monitor and Email Schedulers

Track conversations of your operators using Chat Monitors and schedule periodic emails using Email Schedulers to stay intact with visitor logs.


Visitor Routing

Learn how to route visitor chat requests to the right set of operators based on the latter's expertise and field experience.

Tracking Visitor Data

Visitor Tracking

Learn how to track every other visitor who ends up landing on your site.


Visitor History

Get to track down the particulars of visitors who were on your site earlier.


Basic Visitor Information

Learn what are all the basic data that SalesIQ indexes about visitors landing on your site.


Canned Responses & Articles

Aid your operators with canned responses and have visitors peek into your knowledge base from their chat windows with articles.


SalesIQ Reports

Get a crisp pictorial representation of almost everything that is happening in your portal.


Lead Scoring

Assign a score for every prime action that visitors could perform on your site, sum it up, filter and focus only on visitors with decent scores.



Explore powerful JavaScript APIs of Zoho SalesIQ that can modify the functionalities of your portal, chat window and widget.


Business Hours and Blocking IPs

Learn how to configure standard work hours for your firm and block spammers from accessing your site based on their IP addresses.

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