Zoho Sprints to Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Sprints to Zoho Desk Integration

Do you want to follow an organized scrum way to manage your daily ticket details? It's now possible with our Zoho Desk integration. Just add the Zoho Sprints app in the Zoho Desk marketplace. 

Available plan: Premier, Professional, Enterprise.
Available Regions: US, EU, IN, AU, CN domains

Add Zoho Sprints app

  1. Sign in to Zoho Desk.
  2. Choose Settings in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Marketplace
  4. Choose Zoho Sprints in All category.
  5. Select Profiles and Agents
  6. Enable the consent.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Authorize the Zoho Desk account for the Zoho Oauth service to activate the extension. Upon authorization, you will view a pop-up from Zoho Sprints to enable access to transfer data between both the applications.
  9. Click Accept

Now, you have to  Authorize the Zoho Desk account for the Zoho Oauth service to activate the extension. Upon authorization, you will view a pop-up from Zoho Sprints to enable access to transfer data between both the applications. 
  1. Click Accept

Map departments to projects 

You can now map the departments in your Zoho Desk to the projects in Zoho Sprints. 
  1. Choose Preference.
  2. Select your Zoho Sprints team.
  3. Choose single or multiple projects for the respective Zoho Desk department.
  4. Click Save

This integration will help you do the following: 
  1. Add tickets in Zoho Desk and link it as work items in Zoho Sprints. 
  2. View the ticket details in Zoho Sprints.
  3. Manage comments and attachments from both the applications. 

Teams for which you're an owner will only be listed here.

Add tickets as work items from Zoho Desk

  1. Create a new ticket in Zoho Desk.  
  2. Open the ticket details. 
  3. Click Marketplace app icon in the right corner. 
  4. Fill in the required details under Zoho Sprints application. 
  5. Choose the Project.
  6. Enter the Item Name.
  7. Type a Description.
  8. Choose the Item Type and Priority.
  9. Click Add

View tickets added as work items in Zoho Sprints 
  1. Navigate to your Zoho Sprints account.
  2. Choose the project that you have mapped with the Zoho Desk channel.
  3. Click the work item. 
  4. Select  Zoho Desk icon in the right panel.
  5. View the ticket details.
  6. Click View in Zoho Desk to view the ticket in the Zoho Desk platform. 

If you want to navigate to the work item details page from Zoho Desk directly, you can click the Issue ID after adding the ticket.

Managing conversations and comments

  1. You can add conversations to your tickets in Zoho Desk and view them under the Comments section in the respective work item details page. 
  1. If you want to add comments to the tickets directly from Zoho Sprints, add a quick comment. It will be reflected in the conversation section in Zoho Desk.  
  1. You will receive a feed notification in Zoho Sprints when you add or update a comment for the work item in Zoho Desk. You can also view the modifications in the comments added in the activity stream. 
Note: We will announce comments added via Zoho Desk in the comments section in Zoho Sprints

Manage attachments  

You can add attachments to tickets in Zoho Desk or work items in Zoho Sprints. Attachments can be viewed and accessed from both the applications. 


Note: We will notify the attachments added via Zoho Desk in the comments section in Zoho Sprints. 

Delink tickets

If you want to de-link tickets added as work items, you can directly click the  Delink button at the bottom of the pop-up.
Note: The items will be delinked if the Zoho Sprints extension is removed in the marketplace. 
What happens when I delink the ticket? 
Once you delink the ticket, you can view the respective ticket added as work item in Zoho Sprints. But, you cannot view the ticket details in Zoho Sprints. You can see only the label pointing that the work item is added via Zoho Desk.

How do I link the ticket back to Zoho Sprints?
You can only add the ticket as a new work item. This will be created with a new issue ID. 
  1. When you delete a ticket, the corresponding work item that is linked to the ticket will automatically be delinked. 
  1. When the work item is delinked from Zoho Desk, it is pushed to the activity stream in Zoho Sprints. 

Errors and troubleshoot

Case 1: "Looks like you have delinked the work item from Zoho Desk"

When you delink the ticket added as work item in Zoho Desk, you cannot access the ticket details from Zoho Sprints. Instead, you can see a Zoho Desk label tagged next to the work item name. This indicates that the work item is added via Zoho Desk. 

Troubleshoot: You have to add the ticket as a work item in Zoho Desk. The corresponding ticket will be added as a new work item in Zoho Sprints. The previous work item will just indicate that the work item is added via Zoho Desk. 

Case 2: "You don't have permission to view the ticket details." 

The assignee of the ticket should be a user in Zoho Sprints. If the user is not a part of any one of the applications, then the user cannot access the ticket details from Zoho Sprints.

Troubleshoot: Make sure that the user is added in both the applications. 

Remove integration

You can disable the integration only from Zoho Desk. 
  1. Navigate to Settings in Zoho Desk.
  2. Select All in Marketplace.
  3. Choose Installed Extensions. This will list all the extensions installed in Zoho Desk. 
  4. Select Zoho Sprints from the list of installed extensions. 
  5. Click  in the upper-right corner.
  6. Select Uninstall Extension.
Once you uninstall the extension, all the mapped work items will be delinked in Zoho Sprints. You cannot retain the mapping once you install the extension back in Zoho Desk. You have to link it again. 

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