Zoho Campaigns Topics - New Version

Zoho Campaigns Topics - New Version

The new TOPICS concept in Zoho Campaigns

Marketers send email campaigns with different purposes, such as product updates, promotional offers, feature updates, or monthly newsletters discussing current trends relevant to their product. The styles and structures of email campaigns for different purposes can vary greatly. However, subscribers might just not be interested in receiving all the email campaigns that are sent on behalf of a brand. For this reason, it's better to give control to the subscribers and let them choose the types of email campaigns they're interested in receiving.

Using Zoho Campaigns, you can categorize your contacts under different Topics so that you send them the right emails. Using this feature, you can let your contacts know various types of email campaigns (product update, sales, offers, monthly newsletters) you're sending out on behalf of your brand. Your contacts can look through the listed topics and select what topics they want to subscribe to. 

Topics: A brief introduction

Descriptions of your topics let your contacts know exactly what they will receive from your newsletters. Some common examples of topics with a brief description are:
  1. Product Updates (Getting your contacts started with your product and feature updates)
  2. Latest news, offers, and discounts (To inform your contacts about promotions and advertisements related to any new offers, sales, or discounts)
  3. Conferences and events (To inform your contacts about user conferences and promotional events about any upcoming features or new products)
  4. Weekly Digest (To let your contacts know about weekly updates regarding the latest and upcoming features in your products)
Before you set up topics, you need to choose between two types of topic hierarchy.
  1. Brand - Products - Topic
  2. Brand - Topic

When to choose Brand - Topic:

If your organization offers a single product and services relevant to that product, you can opt for the Brand - Topic hierarchy. 

 Use case 

Patricia has an online magazine called "Pat's view" where she discusses her views on current fashion trends and take on it. Now she sends emails relevant to magazine updates, latest offers on fashion brands, coupons offered in her online magazine during special occasions, and a monthly newsletter that highlights the most important topics discussed in that month's edition. The hierarchy for "Pat's view" will be:
brand topic hierarchy

When to choose Brand - Product -Topic:

  If your organization offers multiple products or services, and you want to send out emails specific to each product, then you should choose the Brand-Product-Topic type. In this case, you will have to first include different types of products you provide under your brand and then have topics, under each product.
This hierarchy makes things much easier for businesses that have a wide range of products, as it helps them create topics based on products. Additionally, you can add the topics that represent the entire brand or organization. For example, mailing lists on annual event or conference announcements, seasonal offers on all products, and other general updates can be grouped into topics under your brand while product-specific topics can go under each product.

 Use case 

Jerold is the owner of the online store " www.jeroldstores.com". He sells Electronics, Mobiles Devices, and Computers in his store. His email campaigns are based on latest market trends, hot sellers, and monthly offers for each category of products he sells in his store. The hierarchy for jeroldstores is:
brand - product - topic usecase

  1. Topic Management is mandatory for sending email campaigns.
  2. Brand-Topics hierarchy is the default hierarchy.
  3. A contact can be subscribed to "n" number of topics.
  4. An email campaign can only be sent to a set of recipients of a single topic.
Click to see more FAQs related to Topic management

To configure topics: 

  1. From the navigation toolbar click Contacts and select Manage Topics.
  2. On the landing page, you can:
    1. Configure Topics to change the topic hierarchy, edit your topics.
    2. Edit design of the email landing page.
    3. Preview how the landing page will look before sending it out.
  3. Click to setup the hierarchy, products and topics.
    create topic
  4. In the screen that follows, click the Change Topic Hierarchy button to switch between the two types of hierarchy:
    1. Click Add Topic to add a new topic about your organization.
    2. Click Add New Product to add a new product under your organization.
      create product-topic

  1. All topics you add are enabled by default. You can delete topics but cannot disable it.
  2.  When you mouse over a particular topic, you'll be able to see three options:
    1. Click the Edit icon to change the topic configuration. You can change the topic name and topic description.
    2. Click the Delete icon to delete the topic.
  3. You can customize your email in Settings -> Signup pages and Emails section:
    1. Select the Configure Topic option.
    2. Click the Edit icon corresponding to the different elements of your email to change their style.

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